V-Life Virtual Reality Experiences

V-Life Virtual Reality Experiences

V Life Virtual Reality

V-Life is a business passionate about offering a new and exciting experience to individuals or groups with mobility issues which restricts them in exploring the world physically. Using innovative virtual reality technology, V-Life can help people reminisce and discover new places to explore from the comfort of their arm chair.

Whilst living life to the full is easy for some people, others with mobility restrictions may find it harder. It might seem impossible to fully enjoy life for these individuals but V-Life offers them the option to discover new experiences and live life as any other person can.

Our technology has the ability to reignite the personality of individuals who have lost their spark due to being limited in what they can do physically. With virtual reality, their perception of life can be improved with pleasant experiences whether that be something they’ve previously experienced or something completely new.

“The reactions from residents was so touching to see and how much they were smiling. One lady for the rest of the day was still talking about it and how realistic it was. I can highly recommend “V Life” to all ages as there is something for everyone.”

Sarah Hawkins – Cartmel Grange Nursing Home

Mobility Issues and VR

When individuals have mobility issues, it can mean that they don’t get many visitors. Social interaction is crucial to their life and our astounding technology can encourage conversations about their fascinating adventures. With V-Life, they can once again explore Earth and beyond!

The benefits also extend to the carers of the group enjoying the V-Life experience. Benefits such as improved communication can allow the carer to enjoy the experience too by hearing the individual recite their inspiring experience.

Whilst some people may like to evoke memories with a walk at the seaside, others may like to explore the moon or go back in time to enjoy a thrilling medieval experience. The possibilities are endless.

V Life Virtual Reality
V Life Virtual Reality

What You Can Expect

Whether you want a day out in the sprawling metropolis of London or a family day out, everything is possible. Clients can experience stunning views from The Shard or explore the iconic Royal Albert Hall amongst other fantastic possibilities. One day they can be in London, the next in New York!

Exhilarating experiences such as escape rooms, ghost hunts and medieval adventures are sure to stimulate the imagination. Not only does it ignite the imagination, it allows clients to problem solve.

Whether you want to walk, drive, climb or fly, there’s an option. You could experience a helicopter journey over striking Iceland or walking up mountains.

Wanting a break from the tedium of everyday life? Clients can be relaxing on a beach in Mexico, revel in the excitement of the city that never sleeps or traverse Africa enjoying an extensive safari.

Would you like to try one our virtual reality experiences and like us to visit your work, organisation or charity? Email info@v-life.co.uk or call 07738 091205 for more infomation on the services we offer.

Benefits of VR

The benefits of the V-Life experience are more than just an exciting day out. They also have scientifically proven benefits. Here’s some of the major benefits of the therapy:

Perception of real life can be improved with the brilliant experiences. If you are unable to enjoy an everyday experience such as going for a walk, it can leave people feeling down. The virtual reality offers everyday experiences as well as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities which allows people to realise their life isn’t as bad as they may have thought.

As previously mentioned, some clients may not have much interaction. Going out for the day via a virtual reality headset gives the individual something that they can discuss passionately, encouraging interaction not only between two people but group discussions.

Exercise is important which is why virtual reality is great. It isn’t only your body that needs exercise, your brain does too; the technology that we use stimulates the brain, keeping individuals alert. Preserving memories in the brain help to instil optimism in those with mobility restrictions.

Reminiscing or experiencing new things can help to remember how precious our experiences are. Clients will cherish the time that they get to explore the world.

Virtual reality can improve an individual’s mood by providing an enjoyable activity for them. As previously mentioned, it encourages interaction and can therefore help friendships to bloom, also increasing their self-esteem and mood. Individuals with little else in common can get to know each other by enjoying experiences together.